Monday, 8 February 2010


Sixteen panda cubs pose for a class shot on their first day at nursery

Wolong National Nature Reserve, south west China–
In these amazing images, 16 tiny pandas are shown their new home for the first time after being separated from their mothers.

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Friday, 5 February 2010

Breaking the Rules: Apple Succeeds By Defying 5 Core Valley Principles

By Leander Kahney Email 03.18.08
How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong
Our Bad. Wired Had Some Tips For Apple — We Were Wrong.

Google's famous catchphrase, "Don't be evil," has become a shorthand mission statement for Silicon Valley, encompassing a variety of ideals that proponents say are good for business and good for the world: Embrace open platforms. Trust decisions to the wisdom of crowds. Treat your employees like gods. It's ironic, then, that one of the Valley's most successful companies ignored all these tenets. Here's how Apple succeeds by defying five core Valley principles.

Valley Rule
Embrace open platforms. Software should be decoupled from hardware so users can access any program or data from any device. Example: Google's Android, an operating system that will run on a variety of handsets from different manufacturers.

Apple Rule
Design software to work on your own hardware — and not on anyone else's. The OS X experience is made only for the Mac; iPhone apps function only on iPhones. And customers don't seem to mind. Apparently, they're willing to trade freedom for a kick-ass product.

Valley Rule
Tell your fans what you're up to so they feel a connection to your company. Hiring difficulties? New strategies? Digestive problems? Blog 'em! Customers will feel more invested and more loyal. Plus, their comments could give you some good ideas.

Apple Rule
Never talk to the press. Shut down rumor blogs. Threaten to sue children who send you their ideas. Never leak product news until you're ready to announce it. Then use that discipline to create buzz and win coverage with every announcement.

Valley Rule
Don't exploit your market-leader status. Software should compete on its merits, not its ability to shut out rivals. Microsoft earned an antitrust suit and decades of ill will by muscling PC makers into bundling its operating system and browser onto their machines.

Apple Rule
Hardball tactics rule! Every Mac is preloaded with iTunes, which becomes the user's default music program. And most iTunes purchases can be played only on iPods, creating a closed loop that has proven tough for competitors — and music labels — to challenge.

Valley Rule
Make sure to lavish affection on your clients, and try to ensure that every one of them has a positive experience. Anyone can post a withering review on Yelp or Amazon, so you can't afford to let a single complaint go unaddressed.

Apple Rule
Please yourself, not your fans. Release iMacs without floppy drives. Release MacBook Airs without optical drives. Cut the price of an iPhone by $200 two months after its introduction; when early adopters complain, offer them a $100 gift certificate.

Valley Rule
Since the best ideas bubble up from within the ranks, encourage autonomy by allowing workers free time to focus on their personal projects. Also, shower them with perks like free food and massages to make them feel special.

Apple Rule
Motivate through fear. Don't be afraid to scream. Threaten to fire them. Withhold praise until it's truly deserved. Go ahead and bring them to tears. As long as you can inspire them with your sense of mission, they'll consider this the best job they've ever had.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Things to Learn

There are more 11 trillion things to learn: always good.
Making mistake is the best way to learn.
Together is better.
Together you know more.
Simple things are often cleverly made.
We are all different. Thankfully.
The more you look, the more you understand.
Everyone can do something smart.
If something makes you laugh, it's good.
Don't forget to dream.
Something boring can become beautiful..if you look at it upside down.
Beautiful things often happen...when you don't know anymore.
Sometimes doing nothing helps you get good idea.
Not everything needs to have a good reason behind it.

Thursday, 28 January 2010



The best way to experience the web, photo and video

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The lovely hannah

The songs are Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap and 1901 by Phoenix

Caterpillar Design by Nui

Caterpillar Design

Develop passion to bringing beautiful and unusual work to indoor spaces. We take butterfly forms and develop them into stunning indoor artworks. Our artistic interpretations of butterfly and nature create a unique feature for indoor spaces. Butterfly collection can also be used in outdoor spaces to create impact for any space.

“Let’s bring nature into your lovely home !”

Digital Slaves

Digital Slaves proposes HD multi stream installations, 2D 3D real time motion graphics, multimedia installations, and also build and design video installations with hybrid projections screens, making Digital Slaves a unique project enhanced by an abstract and dreamlike stage design and high end motion graphics.

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